Wonderful Review from Yana's Concert

Last night, I was most fortunate to experience the force of nature that is Ms. Yana Reznik. Ms. Reznik, the Russian born classical pianist, made an appearance as part of a program promotion sponsored by Roland USA. It was also my first opportunity to experience the Randolph Performing Arts Center. A true hidden gem; the RPAC is a great place, right in our backyard, to experience live music.

Ms. Reznik was quite radiant and elegant as she stepped onto the stage and greeted the audience. I was very appreciative of the fact that Ms. Reznik gave voice to a Spanish composer beyond the standard popular classical composers that have been the course of study for so many pianists for so long. I do not use the term "gave voice" lightly. It has been said that true art is the imitation of the reality of nature. Whether or not Ms. Reznik is aware of that consciously or not is irrelevant as she performs, expresses and caresses with such passion you were to think you were experiencing mother nature herself. You can not help but be moved by her playing. The depth and range of dynamics, the precision, timing, sensitivity and raw power. This was indeed a rare opportunity to experience a true virtuoso. The Roland V-Grand piano she performed on deftly handled everything Ms Reznik dished it and then some. Also, the acoustics in the RPAC were perfect for this type of event. I look forward to returning to this venue for future acoustic oriented events.

After performing her first piece, Ms. Reznik then proceeded to take us on a journey around the world, choosing compositions from European composers such as Debussy from France, Liszt from Hungary, Chopin from Poland and of course Russian composers Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff to name a few. Ms Reznik displayed a very natural rapport with her audience. Standing to engage and explain her pieces prior to performing them. Sharing historical trivia and anecdotes about the composers. Bowing graciously after every piece. The evening was quite moving as well as relaxing, informative and entertaining.

by Louis Watson, professional pianist, on performance by Yana at RPAC in The Music Den

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